Patras: The completion of the reconstruction has a way to go – 2024-02-17 16:01:36

Apostolos Anastasopoulos

Several people ask on a daily basis what is happening with the redevelopment of the Upper Town and the places where work has been “frozen” for months. The major project that is changing the face of the historic district has encountered “obstacles” in four places, as ancient finds have been identified.

The result is to the project execution schedule has not been followed and be caused chain reactions for the operation of residentsbut also of schools operating in the area.

One of the points they have occupied is located in Pantokratoros Street and March 25thwhich they should have finished three years ago. The neighbors and the parents of students attending the 3rd Primary School they had been informed that the works would be completed in October 2023. However, this has not happened and many are wondering “what will happen if a passer-by or child is injured by the rebars or if they trip over a stone and open their head”.

The newspaper “Peloponnese” he had written two months ago that redevelopment work in the Upper Town is expected to be delayed until approximately December 2024. Until then, a decision has been taken to extend the works, as in the meantime, telecommunications network installation works will be carried out, and the remaining works will be completed.

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