School Dress Code Controversies: The Battle for Dress Code Compliance

2023-12-05 17:33:00

High school may be a long time ago for you, but one thing is highly possible: you must have probably one day, in your youth, been remarked on your outfit. In Belgium, the regulations on Bermuda shorts for boys and skirts for girls can sometimes be picky but that’s nothing compared to the other side of the Channel. In England, the costume is still compulsory in schools and a 12-year-old girl has paid the price.

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The mother of this young girl, who will remain anonymous, shared with The Mirror newspaper the ordeal and the battle she is waging with her child’s school. For several days, the school has been threatening her daughter with detention if she does not comply with the rules and dress code required by the establishment. The problem ? The beginnings of the little girl’s ankles are visible because her pants are slightly too small.

The little girl grew up much too quickly and no children’s outfit fits her size, says her mother: “I looked in 17 stores to find pants that fit my big daughter. Last year there were no problems. She had slim pants on. I always make sure she has the right uniform. This year has been hell! She has grown enormously. The uniform pant sizes are 34 but she needs a 36…”

So the mother bought pants with zippers hidden by her sweater. The teachers noticed it directly and the affair has since caused a stir throughout the school.

“I can’t afford to spend 180 euros on pants”

The only solution for the mother is to buy plain black pants at a unit price of 60 euros. A sum much too expensive for the mother who would have to pay 3 to be in order with the school. She therefore tries to use the Internet to find a solution so as not to have to spend 180 euros.

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Reactions multiplied with general astonishment given the severity and lack of empathy shown by the young girl’s school: “Your daughter’s pants are unsuitable because they show a centimeter of ankle, it’s shameful . I understand that schools have uniform policies but they shouldn’t be so rigid as to punish people who can’t meet the standards. »

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