SNTE regrets death of teacher in family massacre in Veracruz Puerto

Region IV Section 32 of the SNTE regretted the murder of Professor Carlos Jiménez Olmedo, one of the victims of the attack that occurred this Sunday on federal highway 140 Veracruz-Xalapa, near the area known as Las Bajadas.

The teacher was taken to the hospital after the attack, however, he lost his life during the early hours of this Monday.

It was confirmed that Jiménez Olmedo was the one driving the truck that was attacked by the command, with a total of 6 people dead, including 2 minors.

Although the Government of Veracruz related the events to a “settling of scores”, the teachers’ union calls for justice for the teacher.

It should be noted that Carlos Jiménez Olmedo had a degree in Indigenous Education and last year he was elected as general secretary of his zone 585, of the DI-268 Delegation belonging to Espinal.

Currently, he worked as an indigenous education teacher at the Benito Juárez García bilingual primary school in the town of Tuncuhuini in the municipality of Coxquihui.

“In his short political career, the bilingual teacher was supporting the politician Wenceslao Santiago Castro, who was seeking deputation for the green party, the teacher was part of the municipal committee of the green party and in 2021 he joined forces with the MORENA party, barely Last year he was appointed general secretary of his area, as he was widely recognized in the political team of the SNTE section 32, in which he was seen to be very active participating in magisterial events,” reported the Huasteca media.

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This Monday, when questioned about the teacher’s case, Governor Cuitláhuac García said that the State Attorney General’s Office is going to investigate the facts.

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