Summer 2023 in Castilla y León: Climate Summary, Predictions, and the Impacts of Climate Change

2023-09-18 19:16:43 The balance took place in the Government Subdelegation in Ávila, where Barcones was accompanied by the Government subdelegate in that province, Fernando Galeano, and the territorial delegate of AEMET in Castilla y León, Manuel Mora. Barcones highlighted the importance of AEMET’s predictions at a time of climate change and highlighted the need to … Read more

Free Masterclass with Virginia Tola and Horace Lavandera: Explore Clara Schumann Lieder op.13 and Deepen Your Knowledge of Poetry and Music

2023-07-17 03:00:00 Today, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the San Martín Theater (located between Sarmiento and Muñecas streets), the prominent musicians Virginia Tola (soprano) and Horace Lavandera (pianist) will offer a free masterclass. The event will be open to any composer, singer or other professional in the field who wishes to deepen their knowledge … Read more

“Handball Referee Revalidation with Nutritionist and Kinesiologist at Argentine Youth Team in San Luis”

2023-05-01 15:21:00 Within the Argentine Youth Team, which has been played in San Luis since Tuesday, the referees carry out their annual revalidation with advice from the nutritionist and kinesiologist from the high performance sports center. The team of medical professionals from the Campus of the University of La Punta joined the nutritionist, Johana Olguín, … Read more

Arizona Takes a Dodger Stadium Win – AGP Sports

Los Angeles, California.- The Los Angeles Dodgers let go of the lead tonight and delivered a game to the Arizona Diamondbacks, by a 2-1 score. Mookie Betts put the home team ahead with a solo homer in the bottom of the seventh inning, but Kyle Lewis turned the game around when he found Evan Longoria … Read more

SNTE regrets death of teacher in family massacre in Veracruz Puerto

Region IV Section 32 of the SNTE regretted the murder of Professor Carlos Jiménez Olmedo, one of the victims of the attack that occurred this Sunday on federal highway 140 Veracruz-Xalapa, near the area known as Las Bajadas. The teacher was taken to the hospital after the attack, however, he lost his life during the … Read more

Fernando Pérez, Pino, was the brother of Reveriano, from the Los Pelones band, in Totonacapan

Fernando Pérez Vega, former Fuerza por México candidate for mayor of Coxquihui and district coordinator of that political institute, is the person murdered along with his family in the port of Veracruz, where he had attended to participate in a press conference, in which various leaders of Fuerza por México had demanded justice for the … Read more