Sustainable panels from “Emirates Aluminum” in the “BMW i7″…

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan)

The Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center, the exclusive agent and authorized distributor of the BMW Group in Dubai, Sharjah and the northern regions, announced the launch of the all-new BMW 7 Series and i7. In conjunction with this announcement, the company also launched a full lineup of luxury cars, such as the new X7 and 8 Series.

The new 7 Series is joined in this announcement by the brilliant all-electric i7. This new car has an excellent driving range for each full charge of up to 625 km, and it also provides sustainable mobility solutions, as it relies on sustainable sources of manufacturing materials, such as its use of aluminum panels produced using photovoltaic energy, from Emirates Global Aluminum, so it is expected to reduce BMW Group carbon dioxide emissions of about 2.5 million tons over the next 10 years. The launch was witnessed by Abdul Nasser Bin Kalban, CEO of Emirates Global Aluminium.

technological approach

Built around an open technology approach, the new 7 Series is available in the UAE either as a battery electric vehicle or as a conventional car.

The new 7 Series car embodies a strong and exclusive appearance from all angles, while the i7 reflects luxury and innovative luxury, as the BMW crystal headlights give an unparalleled light effect, and offer a distinct driving experience and exceptional spaciousness while maintaining the objectives of the group. BMW », which is to keep pace with the standards of environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility solutions.

Ayhan Ulser, CEO of AGMC, said: “We are delighted to launch the 7 Series and the first all-electric i7. Today, we are witnessing a new chapter in the world of luxury BMW cars, and we, at the Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center, are pleased to contribute to shaping the future of modern cars.

He added: The BMW 7 Series is a superior model that carries a deep-rooted heritage both in the UAE and around the world. In addition to introducing the all-electric i7, we are also pleased to continue introducing the new 7-Series luxury cars, and we are proud to contribute to ushering in a new era for this important automotive segment with a focus on sustainability and technological development which is the foundation of our approach.


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