How Much Vitamin D Does the Body Actually Need? Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Requirements Explained

2023-11-28 02:00:33 Vitamin D is produced by the body itself with the help of the sun. But how much vitamin D does the body actually need and how long should you stay in the sun? The body needs vitamin D to utilize calcium and phosphorus well and thus contributes to healthy bones, teeth and muscles. … Read more

Balancing Vitamin C Intake: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recommended Daily Intake

2023-11-23 09:13:39 Vitamin C is vital. But too much can be harmful – especially for certain groups of people. The symptoms and treatment at a glance. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid and is vital for humans. Among other things, it is good for blood vessels, bones, teeth, connective tissue and the immune system. … Read more

While you’re at it, pronounce the forfeiture of Sonko’s nationality! By Ndiaga Loum, university professor, Quebec

2023-10-20 16:19:30 Transforming its senior officials into clowns, circus entertainers to make them play the clownish role of selective and targeted censors of the electoral game, this Senegal, that of October 2023, of Macky Sall, is unrecognizable. A judicial agent of the State administratively attached to the Ministry of Finance and Budget, “forced” to become … Read more

Vitamin D Deficiency: Tests, Costs, and Health Consequences Explained

2023-10-17 03:32:53 A vitamin D deficiency can have serious health consequences. If in doubt, a test is advisable. We explain where and what the costs are. Vitamin D is essential for the good well-being of the human body: it keeps you healthy, regulates the calcium and phosphate balance and thus strengthens metabolism and bone structure. … Read more

The Essential Pregnancy Vitamins: Meeting the Increased Nutritional Requirements of Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

2023-07-20 00:59:02 Pregnant and breastfeeding women have high nutritional requirements. What pregnancy vitamins do expectant mothers need and what functions do they have in the body? New life is created in the body during pregnancy. During this time he needs a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Above all, folic acid or folate is considered the … Read more

Vitamin D Overdose: Symptoms, Dangers, and Treatment – Know the Risks

2023-06-13 09:42:13 Many people take additional vitamin D supplements, especially in winter. What if it gets too much? Symptoms, dangers and treatment of an overdose at a glance. When the days get shorter and shorter in autumn and winter, many people turn to preparations that provide the body with additional nutrients Vitamin supply D. If … Read more

The Importance of Vitamin D for Bone Health: Sources, Deficiency Symptoms, and Supplements

2023-06-13 01:14:05 Vitamins are essential for us. One of them: The one discovered more than 100 years ago Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin. These are so-called calciferols, which are a group of fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin D ensures bone metabolism and also plays an important role in other processes in the body. According to the … Read more