“Amber Heard” is compelled to settle the defamation case against “Johnny Depp”, but reiterates that he is not guilty.

A former lover who used to cast a spell of sweetness become a villain between “Johnny Depp” (John Depp) The talented actor who played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and “Amber Heard” the heroine of the movie Aquaman after the couple got divorced before “Johnny Depp” will sue on charges defame As a … Read more

Thai organizers announce the postponement of the Justin Bieber concert next year!

Recently, Live Nation Tero, the organizer of the Justin Bieber Justice World Tour Bangkok concert, has announced that The concert of the young Justin Bieber that will be held in Thailand on November 6, 65 at the Rajamangala National Stadium. will be postponed next year or 2023 However, those who have tickets to see the … Read more

[Fish and happy]Three words for real stocks-Tang Niu| Apple Daily

A poem that made Meituan (3690) land in prison, paid the bill and evaporated hundreds of billions of market value. The helmsman clarified that it was useless. It proved that the stock market has only imagination, and there is no possibility of it. The startup stock Miming Life Department Store (8473) recently price volume Qi … Read more

【Jiang Shou Zhuji】How to Calculate the Five Elements (Part 2)-Jiang Kuangwen| Apple Daily

As mentioned last week, before the Tang Dynasty, the eight characters were calculated based on the three elements of Nianzhu’s heavenly stems, earthly branches and five elements of Nayin to count a person. In ancient times, it was called Sanming, so there is a fortune-telling book “Sanming Tonghui. You can also get a glimpse of … Read more

[Lao News Column]Fighting the epidemic is the last word-Lao News | Apple Daily

Since the food poisoning incident in Penny’s Bay, many victims have rushed their heads and released a large number of “bad food” pictures. For a time, there was a lot of online discussion, and the spearhead was directed at the government. Offensive speeches, such unscrupulous remarks, exactly reflect the hatred of Hong Kong people. As … Read more

Li Zhiying involved in fraud case, Department of Justice, Shen Guoan, official trial | Apple Daily

[Report from this newspaper]In August last year, the police sent more than 200 police officers to search the “Apple Daily” building in a high-profile manner, arresting the founder of Next Media, Li Zhiying and a number of high-level officials, accusing three of them of violating the terms of land lease in Tseung Kwan O Industrial … Read more