Why the German market attracts gamblers

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Historically, the Dax fluctuates more than other major indices. This attracts short-term oriented professional investors. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf First 39 percent down, then 21 percent up: These price movements are reminiscent of gambler shares from the penny stock area, but come from the leading German index Dax. The … Read more

Post chief Appel is to become the new chief inspector

Frank Appel The experienced post manager could soon move to the top of the Telekom supervisory board. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf, Berlin At Deutsche Telekom, the incumbent CEO of Deutsche Post, Frank Appel, has become a favorite for the post of chief inspector. At a meeting of the board of directors on December 15, a preliminary … Read more

Dax starts with a new record high – investors should get used to prices above 17,000 points

Dax curve The leading German index has already reached several new record highs this year. (Foto: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images [M]) Düsseldorf The 16,200 point mark was within reach on the German stock market. Because morning trading, the Dax reached a new record high with 16,199 points. The stock market barometer now stands at 16,187 points, an … Read more

More cash and higher penalties than ever before

Düsseldorf Cash is king. This is especially true in the second year of the corona pandemic. With 688 billion euros, German companies are currently hoarding more liquidity than ever before. But: The money is melting away, because it pays interest on the bank accounts, taking inflation into account, at an average of minus 4.6 percent. … Read more

Six stocks for speculative investors

Heidelberg Cement Most analysts have raised their price targets in the past few weeks in view of rapidly rising profit expectations. (Foto: picture alliance / Keystone) Düsseldorf Rising corporate profits are causing valuations to fall. Bayer, Covestro, Heidelberg Cement and the three car manufacturers VW, BMW and Daimler pay investors on the stock exchange with less … Read more

Dax takes a breather – low trading numbers cause Bitcoin to crash

Düsseldorf After a record high the day before, the German stock market is taking a breather. With the daily high of 15,727 points, the leading index was close to the record high that was reached yesterday Monday with 15,732 digits. In the US, Tuesday yesterday was a happy trading day for the winning stocks of … Read more