Stock index records biggest daily loss in six weeks

The Dax continues to weaken: After a shortened trading week, the leading German index started the weekend with a large daily loss on Friday. Fear of rising interest rates pushed investors onto the defensive on Friday. Given the high Inflation and economic risks, the yield on ten-year Bunds climbed to its highest level in almost … Read more

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Why the German market attracts gamblers

Trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Historically, the Dax fluctuates more than other major indices. This attracts short-term oriented professional investors. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf First 39 percent down, then 21 percent up: These price movements are reminiscent of gambler shares from the penny stock area, but come from the leading German index Dax. The … Read more

Share Delivery Hero – Here are the odds for the resurrection

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For which stocks it becomes critical

Trader on Wall Street Anyone who does not deliver is currently being punished on the stock exchange. Other stocks, on the other hand, continue to rise. (Photo: AP) Düsseldorf The mood on the stock exchanges has cracked: fears of significantly higher interest rates in the USA are growing among investors after the inflation figures there … Read more

This applies to tenants and owners

New build apartments in Cologne These buildings were still funded under the KfW program for efficiency houses KfW-55. In the future, a resource passport is to become an important part of the funding for energy-efficient houses. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt It’s a document that virtually every homeowner and renter is familiar with. Anyone who has bought … Read more

Investment ice age – Handelsblatt Morning Briefing

Outside of the Handelsblatt community, you quickly get a blank look when you start the small talk at the cocktail party with the nonchalant question: “Don’t you agree that the recent decline in investment in equipment is really worrying?” But here we are among ourselves and can agree: Germany has a massive investment problem. For … Read more