mRNA Technology: Revolutionizing Disease Treatment and Investing Opportunities in Moderna and BioNTech

2023-06-19 01:13:00 namely mRNA Is that we will be able to send “commands” to cells in the body to produce any protein. That can be used in the treatment of various types of diseases means that instead of having to eat drugs produced from external factories. Our cells become factories within the body that produce … Read more

Moderna plans to develop new cancer vaccine by 2030

Countless drugs and treatments have been used in the fight against cancer. Could a personalized vaccine soon cure the disease? According to the US biotechnology company Moderna, such a vaccine should be developed within a few years. One is confident that by 2030 such vaccines could be used to fight cancer and other diseases. According … Read more

Production planned by 2030: Moderna is developing a cancer vaccine

Production planned until 2030 Moderna is developing a cancer vaccine 04/08/2023, 10:30 p.m Research on cancer vaccines is in full swing worldwide. In addition to the Mainz-based biotechnology company Biontech, the US company Moderna is also working on such a drug. The corona pandemic has significantly accelerated development – the vaccine could be on the … Read more

Cancer vaccinations with Moderna probably possible from 2030: This is how they work

The big pharmaceutical manufacturers are working flat out on vaccines against cancer. Other diseases should also be treated in this way by the end of the decade. Research into the fight against cancer is progressing rapidly: the pharmaceutical company Moderna has now expressed confidence that vaccines for heart problems, autoimmune diseases and even cancer should … Read more

Reuters: EU wants to renegotiate purchases of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech

EU authorities are negotiating with Pfizer and BioNTech about a possible reduction in the order for a COVID-19 vaccine made by Brussels for the current year. Under the terms of the contract, Europe was to buy up to 500 million doses of the vaccine this year. However, the EU authorities would like to buy less … Read more

Germany only black and red scrap: now our Corona heroes are already leaving | money

Von: Johannes C. Bockenheimer and Peter Tiede For decades, Germany was a magnet for companies! Where the seal of quality “Made in Germany” was on it, quality was inside. But that has changed: More and more companies are relocating their factories or research abroad – or leaving altogether. The latest example: the German corona giant … Read more