Discovering Glutamate Cells: A Breakthrough in Brain Science

2023-10-13 09:50:17 [Voice of Hope October 13, 2023]Voltra’s team discovered that there are “hybrid cells” in the brain between the two brain cell families of neurons and glial cells, and named them “glutamate cells” Astrocytes”. This new type of cell can also communicate with other cells through synaptic-like transmission. Just this past September, Italian neuroscientist … Read more

The Vision of the Simulated Human Brain: Exploring the Human Brain Project

2023-10-04 06:14:56 Human Brain Project: The vision of the simulated brain – spectrum of science Go directly to the content Login required This article is open to subscribers with access rights to this issue. Human Brain Project: The vision of the simulated brain The ten-year “Human Brain Project” ended in 2023. It wanted to completely … Read more

“Unlocking the Science behind Age-Related Impairments in Working Memory”

2023-04-19 06:14:12 Working memory is the key to our ability to grasp and use information in a short period of time. Although the working memory of many people will decline significantly as the brain ages with age, in fact, nearly half of the people cansenescenceAffects and sustains healthy working memory. In new research published in … Read more

Neurons report infection to the brain

Tired, no appetite, simply sick: whether we have the flu or a nasty rhinovirus, all infections actually have some general symptoms in common. This stereotypical “being sick” is not caused by the infection – rather, the brain actively creates this condition itself when it learns that a virus is up to mischief. As now reported … Read more

Neuro-stack: Mobile device explores brain

pte20230308030 technology/digitization, medicine/wellness Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles see an opportunity for therapies against epilepsy A look inside the electronic innards of the “Neuro-stack” (Photo: Topalovic et al) Los Angeles (pte030/08.03.2023/12:30) – The portable electronic device “Neuro-stack” is just as big as a game of skat University of California, Los Angeles, which … Read more

Mysterious protein after exercise and the secret of brain rejuvenation (Photos) Brain | Brain | Aging | Neurons |

Proper exercise is good for the body. (Image source: Adobe Stock) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. sportsThere are many benefits to the human body, which can strengthen the body and improve immunity.Research published in the journal Science shows that exercise not only strengthens the body, but also helpsthe brainProduces a mysterious … Read more

Zweibrücken researchers discover new mechanism in Alzheimer’s disease, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, press release

It has long been known that amyloid beta, an endogenous protein, plays a key role in triggering Alzheimer’s disease in the brain. Lukas Busch, a doctoral student in Prof. Dr. Bernd Bufe, has discovered new receptors at the Zweibrücken site of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences that recognize many different amyloid beta variants and could … Read more

Neuron chip ‘DishBrain’ that plays video games

The first coded video game ‘Pong’ Lab-grown brain cells can now play the classic table tennis game ‘Pong’. It is a completely new computing technology that creates artificial intelligence (AI) by connecting living neurons and silicon. It is expected to open a new path to create an AI that thinks like a human. Australian start-up … Read more