The Confessions of Marcela Posada and the Secrets of Actress in Show Business

2023-11-12 22:32:42 Marcela Posada is a remembered actress, her participation as ‘La Girafa’ in ‘Betty, la fea’, made her one of the most loved by viewers; She also participated in other novels and series such as ‘El man, es Germán’, ‘Nurses’ and ‘In the heels of Eva’. In a recent video published on her accounts, … Read more

Debate Between Real Estate Specialists: Appropriate Monthly Income for Renting an Apartment in Northern Riyadh

2023-10-12 22:33:11 Al-Marsad newspaper: The episode of the “Yahla” program, broadcast yesterday on the Rotana Khalijiya channel, witnessed a dispute between real estate specialists Sultan Al-Jabali and Matar Al-Shammari over the appropriate monthly income for a person who wants to rent an apartment in northern Riyadh. Sultan Al-Jabali said that the appropriate monthly income for … Read more

Protecting Our Community from Tuberculosis: Taking Action Against a Non-Compliant Neighbor

2023-09-12 07:00:00 A patient with tuberculosis lives in the entrance, who does not want to undergo treatment at a tuberculosis dispensary, violates the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, and leads an asocial lifestyle. And we have a lot of children living in our building, who, as you know, still have a weak immune system, and adults … Read more

German Nationality Law Reforms: Facilitating Nationalization for Foreigners and Allowing Multiple Nationalities

2023-08-25 17:02:47 The German Council of Ministers this week approved a bill that seeks to facilitate the nationalization process for foreigners, reducing the deadlines and generalizing the possibility of also maintaining the nationality of origin. “This is one of the most important projects,” said the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, when presenting the reform … Read more

“Sports Observatory: Abdul Karim Al-Jasser Critiques Salman Al-Faraj’s Ball Control Methods”

2023-05-07 07:49:16 Sports Observatory: Sports critic Abdul Karim Al-Jasser said that Salman Al-Faraj wants to monopolize the ball and show off and does not want to deliver it to the attackers. Al-Jasser added, during an intervention on the middle program broadcast on the news channel: “Salman Al-Farq wants to monopolize the ball and pass in … Read more

Al-Qasabi wants to marry a Brazilian woman, and Al-Sadhan wants a Ukrainian woman to improve eugenicity • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist Nasser Al-Qasabi, with the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, appeared in today’s episode of “Tash Al-Awda”, during a session to talk about marriage to Ukrainian and Brazilian women. the first scene During the acting scene, a person appeared with Al-Qasabi and Al-Sadhan next to him, and said: “I am the guardian of two … Read more

Tim Hassan wants to avenge his father.. He came and still shed blood on my blood (video)

The Syrian star Tim Hassan shared, through his accounts on social networks, interesting clips about the character he embodies in the championship of the series “Al-Zind”. And he said in the video: “I am Asi Al-Zind. The events of Al-Zand revolve around the stage of the time of feudalism at the beginning of the last … Read more