The Confessions of Marcela Posada and the Secrets of Actress in Show Business

2023-11-12 22:32:42

Marcela Posada is a remembered actress, her participation as ‘La Girafa’ in ‘Betty, la fea’, made her one of the most loved by viewers; She also participated in other novels and series such as ‘El man, es Germán’, ‘Nurses’ and ‘In the heels of Eva’.

In a recent video published on her accounts, she confessed that there is an actress who is disliked by other characters in show business and even by directors.

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Through his social networks, Posada uploaded a video in which he talks about an actress with whom he claims “no one wants to work” because she treats her colleagues badly and even says that she steals some parts of their dialogues.

“I tell you the miracle, but not the saint. There is a Colombian actress that the vast majority of us actors are terrified of. We don’t want to work with her because she steals our text, she treats us badly, she arrives late; Even the directors are treated terribly,” she said.

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The actress also assured that this woman, whose identity was not revealed, is rejected even by the directors due to her behavior.

“At some point she won a very important character in a novel and the director said: ‘No, if it’s with her, I won’t work,'” ‘La giraffe’ pointed out.

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And this actress would have such a bad reputation within her union that the complaints would also come from “the costumers and makeup people, who she mistreats the most, because she treats them with rudeness,” says Posada.

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Although no clues are given as to who the person this actress is talking about would be, in the comments they began to make their speculations:

“Laura Londoño, I had heard”; “Vicky Hernández is direct, but not rude and she is an excellent person”; “it must be Carolina Acevedo”, among others.

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