RTL GUEST – Nicolas de Tavernost evokes “the engagement with TF1”: “M6 will remain M6”

What is the future of the M6 ​​group to which RTL belongs? On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the group, the chairman of its management board, Nicolas de Tavernost was the guest of Indulge this April 11, 2022 to discuss the proposed merger with the TF1 group. “The M6 ​​channel will remain the … Read more

what is the afghan march and what are its benefits?

What distinguishes the Afghan march from all the others is the primordial place occupied by breathing. It consists, in fact, of aligning your steps with your breathing. It was invented by a Frenchman, Edouard Stiegler, who was doing economic missions in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He was inspired by the walking technique of Afghan caravan … Read more

Several supermarket signs recall baguettes because of a parasite

The E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Netto and U supermarkets have launched a massive recall campaign for baguettes sold in their store. In question, a too much ergot alkaloids, a parasitic fungus which, in too large quantities, can be dangerous to health. The website “Drink reminder” has published on its Twitter account the detailed list of products affected … Read more

Marine Lorphelin gives an update on allergies

There are allergens everywhere in the environment, but usually in non-allergic people they are harmless and the development of an allergy occurs in several stages. Already, we become aware, that is to say that we have a first contact with a molecule that will later trigger exaggerated reactions from our immune system. Seasonal allergies give … Read more

why a collective wants to put an end to this guilt-inducing expression

Replace the term miscarriage with that of “natural termination of pregnancy”. In a column published in The world Sunday March 27, the members of the collective “Miscarriage, true experience” denounce the omerta around “natural pregnancy terminations” in France. A pregnancy out of four ends in the first trimester, “when you shouldn’t talk about your pregnancy”. … Read more