Department of Disease Control’s Warning on Monkey Smallpox and the Controversial Use of Pride Parade Image

2023-06-02 06:13:05 “Department of Disease Control” warns to watch out for “monkey smallpox” pushes to use the image of the Pride parade The tour bus stopped for criticism. Really asking, do you want to convey that it is a source of infection? What is smallpox monkey? Monkey pox (or smallpox) is a viral disease. Symptoms … Read more

“Horizon Forbidden West DLC “Burning Shores”: Controversial Player Reviews on Metacritic and Improvements in Comment Moderation”

2023-04-26 03:43:23 The new DLC “Burning Shores” (Burning Shores) launched by the PS5 exclusive “Horizon Forbidden West” (Horizon Forbidden West) received unanimous praise from the media on Metacritic before its launch, but after the game was launched, it received a lot of negative reviews from players. Contrast, for this Metacritic said it will introduce a … Read more

LGBTQ host launched a boycott of “Hogwarts Inheritance”, saying that playing games is supporting JK Rowling | 4Gamers

“Hogwarts Legacy” (Hogwarts Legacy) will be launched globally on February 10th. Players who pre-ordered the deluxe version and live hosts are the transfer students who are the first to enter the class and are experiencing the game, but not everyone welcomes this game , Overseas LGBTQ streamers launched a game boycott against J.K. Rowling, the … Read more

the fan who entered the field was released and it was learned that the flag he was carrying was not LGBTQ+

The players of Brazil complained about the state of the pitch at the 974 stadium in Doha, where they qualified for the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup after a long-suffering victory over Switzerland. “The grass is a bit scarce, it’s not good for dominating the ball. We’re used to playing in Europe … Read more

Monster Movie| Mohanlal’s ‘Monster’ movie banned in Gulf countries except UAE

Monster is a Malayalam movie that has been garnering a lot of attention since its announcement. The main attraction was that Vysakh and Mohanlal, who directed Pulimurugan, the first 100 crore club film in Malayalam, are reuniting. Udayakrishna, the screenwriter of Pulimurugan, has also written Monster. Expectations are high for Malayalam moviegoers when the hit … Read more

The two daughters of “Som Cheng Samcha” admit that they have a boyfriend as a tom. Mother’s side is not abrasive

nowadays being LGBTQ orLGBT It’s not something new in society. It’s called being accepted more and more. Even many people in the entertainment industry Still gradually revealing his true identity to fans and the public. and two new members who recently announced themselves as LGBTQ are: Little Yok, Little Kim daughterBoth of the famous female … Read more