Virginia Ernst’s Powerful Response to Hate Comments on Motherhood and LGBTQ+ Representation

2023-09-15 13:28:11

Virginia Ernst and her partner recently became parents for the second time. However, the two do not only receive congratulations on their offspring.

Virginia Ernst (32) and her wife Dorothea can look forward to baby number two. Her little boy was born on August 20th. The offspring was announced with a posting on Instagram. However, the singer’s comments and private messages were not filled with only positive news.

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“You still need a man,” “you look like an ugly man,” “God will punish you,” and similar comments are what Virginia Ernst has to worry about every day as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and as a mother of two children . Insta users also said about the birth of their second child: “You are selfish, the poor child.” She and Dorothea are also accused of being “hostile to men” because of their same-sex relationship and their decision to start a family.

Hate comments about having children

The musician reads out these and more hate comments in a new video on social media. “This is just a brief excerpt of the comments we receive.” Particularly striking: “98% of them are men, occasionally there are also women, but the majority of them are men who write these hate comments.” The former “Dancing Stars” participant makes it clear: “Please don’t misunderstand us, we are absolutely not anti-men. How is that supposed to work? We love our sons madly, we love our fathers, we love our brothers, our grandfathers – and our dog Ted, who also happens to be a male.”

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Ernst wonders why so many men send her such lines: “Apparently those who write such comments are afraid for the entire world of men. I just can’t imagine it any other way.” Shaking her head, she introduces herself: “They’re probably thinking: ‘Oh my God, we have to protect the male world, we’re threatened with extinction. I’ll quickly leave a hate comment.'”

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The 32-year-old then addressed the men who behaved in exactly the opposite way: “Personally, I am incredibly grateful that there are still men who make their sperm available and fulfill other couples’ desire to have children – regardless of whether they are straight couple or a homosexual couple. There are really, really great men out here who are not threatened with their existence. And I would like to send my very, very big thanks to them.”

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