Unraveling the Causes and Effects of Long Covid: Insights into Organ Dysfunctions and Brain Pathways

2023-09-23 10:26:00 Two recent studies provide possible explanations for the causes of long Covid, a syndrome whose exact origins remain a mystery: one recalls the subsequent combined effect of the virus in various organs, and the other its pathway of action in brain cells. Christopher Brightling, co-author of a study published Friday in the Lancet … Read more

The Dangers of Organ Transplants: Legionella Bacteria Linked to Donor Drowned in Water

2023-09-16 08:38:00 In an unexpected event, it turned out that the transfer of organs from a person who had died by drowning could turn into a danger due to the transfer of dangerous bacteria. In detail, doctors were able to transfer the right lung from a man who drowned last year after falling into a … Read more

Scandal at General Le Maire Home in Hérinnes: Residents Humiliated in Shocking Photos

2023-09-14 12:51:11 This Thursday morning, incomprehension reigns within the General Le Maire Home in Hérinnes. Indeed, our colleagues from Notélé revealed this Wednesday photos of residents in positions that were both degrading and humiliating. It turns out that these photos (and videos) were taken by two, or even three, healthcare workers, who then shared them … Read more

Federal Police Closures in Liège: Latest Updates and Impact on Navigation Police and Prevention Service

2023-09-06 17:00:00 This is a new episode in the “saga” of the closures of the Federal Police of Liège. After the numerous problems of dilapidation encountered by the federal judicial police of Liège in its buildings on rue Saint-Léonard, it is now, according to the CGSP, the navigation police, the prevention service and the social … Read more

a study in a Union of wine cooperatives in the Champagne sector

2023-08-11 00:00:00 Résumés In this article, the authors restore the lessons of a research-intervention carried out in the Champagne sector which aims to carry out an analysis of the relations established by the Union of cooperatives with its members on a central question: how cooperatives members perceive the governance of their union with a view … Read more

Tiago’s Tragic Death: Mother’s Legal Battle and Controversy Unveiled

2023-08-07 17:30:00 “I took a lawyer”, tells us straight away Mélissa, Tiago’s mother. Since the death of her son, she has been the subject of strong criticism, on social networks, but also from her own family! Five months pregnant with a little boy, she is in the hospital. Frightened at the idea of ​​returning to … Read more