Esperanza Aguirre assures that she supported the Madrid Justice Campus because they thought it would be at zero cost | Spain

Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid between 2003 and 2012, defended this Tuesday at the National Court the Justice Campus project promoted by her Government and which ended up being scrapped after the Community spent 355 million euros. “Everyone agreed, it was not an idea by Esperanza Aguirre as they say. It would … Read more

Saudi Arabia dismantled a jihadist financing network with three Spaniards | Spain

The Riyadh authorities found large sums of money and proof of payment at the home of those arrested. hawalathe system of transferring funds between individuals based on trust that is sometimes used by terrorist groups, according to researchers. The three Spaniards involved were captured by the Saudi Terrorism Investigation Department (GID) and accused of jihadist … Read more

Koldo García’s long hand in the Ministry of Transportation: “He was very insistent” | Spain

Koldo García learned to move like a fish in water at the Ministry of Transportation. For this 54-year-old former escort, born in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), on the Left Bank of the Nervión estuary, the bowels of the Government became a new terrain in which to test his skills. He landed in the department at the hands … Read more

The last four prisoners of 11-M | Spain

The jihadist attacks of March 11, 2004 in Madrid, which caused 192 deaths and nearly 2,000 injuries, led to a major judicial case in which 116 people were charged. In the end, only 29 sat in the dock. And of them, 21 were convicted by the National Court, although the Supreme Court finally reduced their … Read more

Koldo case: In ‘K’s’ lair: 23 cell phones, 500 bills, cryptocurrencies and weapons in Koldo García’s house | Spain

February 20 was an especially intense day for the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, which is carrying out the investigations into the Koldo case who directs the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. After almost two years of secret investigation, Judge Ismael Moreno, instructor of the National Court, gave them the green light to carry … Read more

A Civil Guard commander charged with alleged bribery in the ‘Koldo case’ | Spain

The investigation of Koldo case add a new piece. Magistrate Ismael Moreno, instructor of the National Court, has charged a commander of the Civil Guard, RV, for his alleged involvement in the plot of illegal commissions with the purchase of masks in the worst of the pandemic, and which affects, among others, to Koldo García, … Read more

Sánchez will change the amnesty law to give more guarantees to Junts | Spain

After an intense month of negotiations, PSOE, ERC and Junts have closed the agreement on the amnesty law that consolidates the legislature and opens the door to the Budgets. The three groups announced this Wednesday an agreement for an amendment that will once again modify the rule that is being voted on this Thursday in … Read more

The nerves of the plot of the ‘Koldo case’ in the face of the claim of the Balearic Government: “It is to put one for prevarication” | Spain

The nerves of the plot of the ‘Koldo case’ in the face of the claim of the Balearic Government: “It is to put one for prevarication” | Spain | THE COUNTRY _ _ _ The conversations intervened between Juan Carlos Cueto and Koldo García show their concern about the initiative of the regional Executive to … Read more