Hurricane Ian in Florida | The sea recedes in Tampa before the arrival of the category 4 cyclone | Venice | United States | NHC | VIDEO | WORLD

Images released by the United States media show that the sea receded in Tampa before the arrival of the hurricane Ian to the state of Florida. This indicates that the water will return as storm surge as the cyclone approaches land. In addition, the National Weather Service (NWS) also shared images of the fishing pier … Read more

Hurricane Ian in Florida | Where and when will the cyclone make landfall in Florida? | Tampa | What category is Hurricane Ian? | Miami | United States | Don DeSantis | NHC | WORLD

The residents of Tampa, in the southeastern United States, were preparing this Tuesday for the arrival of the hurricane Ian, after the authorities issued an evacuation order in the most vulnerable areas. The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued a storm surge warning for this western city of Floridawhose metropolitan area is built around a … Read more

Hurricane Ian in Florida LIVE | Category 3 Cyclone Ian Breaking LIVE: Track, News, and Arrival in Tampa, Miami, The Keys | HNC | United States | Escambia | Windy | Ron DeSantis | Joe Biden | WORLD

The hurricane Ianwho left Cuba this Tuesday after causing significant damage in the west of the island, it strengthened in contact with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and now its winds reach 120 miles per hour (195 km/h) and may increase even more. The fourth hurricane of this season in the Atlantic … Read more

Hurricane Ian | Storm Ian | Florida declares emergency throughout Florida in the face of storm Ian | When will Hurricane Ian make landfall in Florida? Rum Desantis | State of emergency | United States | NHC | WORLD

Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency on Saturday in Florida as Tropical Storm Ian gains strength in the Caribbean and is expected to bring downpours and hurricane-speed winds to the peninsula next week. DeSantis initially issued an order emergency for two dozen counties on Friday, but expanded it to the entire stateencouraging the … Read more

Hurricane Fiona LIVE makes landfall in Canada, leaving more than 500,000 homes without power | Nova Scotia | Prince Edward | NHC | LIVE | WORLD

The powerful fiona storm hit the Atlantic coast of Canada, leaving more than 500,000 homes without power and causing strong winds and rain. Although downgraded to a hurricane, Fiona still had 85 mph winds after making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in the early morning hours after hitting the Caribbean, forecasters said. FOLLOW LIVE … Read more

Category 4 Hurricane Fiona LIVE | Follow the trajectory of the cyclone that will hit the Bermuda Islands after devastating Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic | NHC | LIVE | WORLD

The powerful hurricane fiona, category 4, is heading north strengthened on a path that is expected to bring it closer to the Bermuda archipelago on Thursday and the Canadian Atlantic on Friday, while a tropical wave maintains possibilities of becoming a storm. The bulletin from the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) at 00:00 GMT … Read more