US does not count COVID-19 cases every day: Dong-A Science

CDC “Counting on a weekly basis from the 20th… “Influenza Monitoring System” Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will suspend daily counting of new coronavirus infections (COVID-19) starting on the 20th. The plan is to reduce the burden on health agencies in … Read more

“Vaccine side effects risk of myocarditis, 11 times higher if corona infection without vaccination” : Dong-A Science

University of Oxford research team A British research team analyzed that the risk of developing myocarditis is about 11 times higher if the person is infected with COVID-19 without the vaccine than after vaccination. Courtesy of Pixar Bay A British research team analyzed that the risk of developing myocarditis, a typical adverse reaction experienced after … Read more

First report of a person infected with Corona 19 in a cat in Thailand : Dong-A Science

A veterinarian collects a sample from an 8-year-old cat to test for infection with the new coronavirus in Manhattan, New York, USA. Courtesy of News In Thailand, the first case of infection with a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in a cat has been reported. The international scientific journal Nature reported on the 29th (local … Read more

More women suffering from ovulation problems due to the stress of the COVID-19 outbreak: Dong-A Science

A citizen is being tested at the Corona 19 screening clinic set up at the Jongno-gu Public Health Center in Seoul on the 6th. Provided by Yonhap News As the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) continues for a long time, a study has found that the number of women suffering from ovulation problems has increased. Mental … Read more

Found the cause of ‘multi-organ inflammatory syndrome’ in children infected with COVID-19: Dong-A Science

Australian research team is the first to identify specific blood clotting phenomena and immune protein pathways A 6-year-old child receives the first dose of the vaccine in his mother’s arms at a hospital in Denver, Colorado, USA. Provided by Yonhap News A specific protein has been identified that causes ‘multi-organ inflammatory syndrome’, which is experienced … Read more

Immune cells infected with coronavirus make symptoms worse : Dong-A Science

Antibodies that catch viruses help infect immune cells Recently, it has been found that immune cells that directly eat the virus are rather infected with the Corona 19 virus, causing severe cases, and the fact that some of the antibodies attached to the virus actually help this infection. Courtesy of Getty Image Bank American scientists … Read more

Simultaneous infection with COVID-19 doubles the risk of death… Vaccination and flu testing needed : Dong-A Science

4x risk of exacerbation A recent study by European scientists found that the risk of dying from co-infection with the flu and COVID-19 is twice as high. In particular, there is a high risk of co-infection symptoms becoming serious in the high-risk group or in severe patients. The need to expand testing with each vaccination … Read more