[Photo] Painting contest to decorate buffalo Tich Dien Festival Doi Son 2023 | Festival

On January 27 (ie, January 6 in the year of the Rabbit), at Doi Tin field, Tien Son commune, Duy Tien town (Ha Nam province), a buffalo painting competition was held. 2023. Artists express ideas on buffalo. (Photo: Nguyen Chinh/VNA) This year is the year of the Rabbit, so the artists’ theme revolves around the … Read more

Hats off to the 3 smartest cat breeds on the planet

1. Shorthair Abyssinian: Possibly in the list of uncles The smartest cat on the planet the name Abyssinian cannot be ignored.This cat originates from Egypt, is considered the most ancient cat breed – the ancestor of the domestic cat breed.The Abyssinian cat is considered a cat possessing a superior temperament, extremely intelligent. Many people say … Read more

The cat in the treasure trove of Vietnamese idioms and proverbs 2

Sluggish like a cat in a pile of straw: Say it, say it over and over to beg for something. Watchdog, cat catches mouse: Everyone has their own duties, don’t be jealous or interfere in each other’s affairs. As lazy as a cat with a mouse: Only the lethargy of the person who is regretting, … Read more

The cat in the treasure trove of Vietnamese proverbs and proverbs 1

It is not known which cat bites which: Not sure who is better than anyone (“mean” is a misnomer of “cat”). Cats and chickens: Only scoundrels, boys stealing, and promiscuous girls make everyone despise them. Long-tailed cat cats compliment: Make fun of those who think highly of themselves even though they have no talent. Dogs … Read more

How did the CIA try to train cats to be spies?

The reason this agency has decided on this comes from many reasons, including that cats are considered intelligent, agile animals, can jump on high objects and almost everyone thinks that They are pets, but no one thinks they can become spies. The CIA placed a transponder about 2cm into a gray-white female cat. Artwork: Twitter … Read more