Daniel Jadue experiences a tense crossover with a notero from ‘Tu Día’ when he accuses Channel 13 of campaigning for rejection | TV and Show

The mayor of Recoleta was part of a tense moment live during ‘Tu Día’, there he issued serious accusations addressed to Channel 13. It was after the closing of the Constitutional Convention when Daniel Jadue was preparing to leave the place. At the time, a morning notero Your dayfrom Channel 13 approached him to ask … Read more

Watch.. Emad Al-Sayegh’s response to Khaled Al-Baltan’s statement: “I buried the saying of the Big Four with my own hands!”

Al-Marsad Sports: After the sports critic Imad Al-Sayegh, on the statement of Khaled Al-Baltan, president of Al-Shabab Club, after he said after Al-Ahly’s relegation: “At Al-Malaz Stadium, I buried the saying of the Big Four, this saying that has been devoted by the sports media for more than 50 years.” Imad Al-Sayegh said, in televised … Read more

Jackson acknowledges that a possible Rejection victory would complicate President Boric’s agenda | Special

Monday June 27, 2022 | 08:47 After the results obtained by the Rejection option in two surveys revealed yesterday, Minister Giorgio Jackson reflected on how President Gabriel Boric’s government program would work if the draft of the New Constitution falls. On Sunday they met two polls that showed increases in the intention to vote for … Read more

Jackson in case he wins the Rejection: “We are going to find a way to get closer to what we proposed” | National

Minister Giorgio Jackson assured that the Government will try to get as close as possible to the program they proposed, in case it wins the Rejection in the Exit Plebiscite. “We have a four-year mandate and if the Rejection wins, we will do everything possible to advance what we have promised,” he said. The Government … Read more

Yellows for Chile in “Red Alert” for new Constitution: Warnken agrees to read draft | Special

Sunday May 22, 2022 | 16:32 Cristián Warnken reiterated his questioning of the constituent process, assuring that it has overtones of “radical left” and that they still have the last hope that in the harmonization changes will be made in the draft of the proposal. Likewise, he promised that the Yellows for Chile will read … Read more

Guzmán refused to join a boycott in the G20 against Russia for the war in Ukraine

Economy Minister Martin Guzman did not join the boycott in Washington against Russia for the war in Ukraine, led by some representatives of countries that left the G20 compound when the Russian minister began to give his speech in that forum. “Yes, he stayed” confirmed to Clarion sources close to the minister. “Why should he … Read more

Watch.. How the “Foreign Minister” responded to the European Commissioner regarding comparing Syria’s Aleppo to Ukraine’s Mariupol

Al-Marsad newspaper: Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan responded today, Saturday, to the European Commissioner, Josep Borrell, at the Doha Forum on the comparison between the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Ukraine’s Mariupol. Borrell explained the suffering of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and asserted that it is like Aleppo to Europe (in reference to … Read more

Young man rejects 5,000 dollars that Elon Musk offered him to lower a Twitter account | The World | D.W.

A 19-year-old American turned down 5,000 US dollars that Elon Musk offered him for deleting a Twitter account, in which the movements of the tycoon’s private plane are published, as reported last week by various economic media in the North American country. Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida (UCF), now wants … Read more