Tragic Climbing Accident Claims Life of 11-Year-Old at Amsterdam Climbing Gym

2023-11-04 11:17:19 A dramatic accident occurred in a climbing gym in Amsterdam this Friday evening. An 11-year-old boy has tragically lost his life after falling ten meters from a height. According to information from HLN, the child died in hospital from his injuries. The tragedy took place at the Klimmuur Amsterdam Centraal, a 16-meter-high climbing … Read more

Summer Concerts at the New B3 in Liège: A Celebration of Local Talent and Cultural Enrichment

2023-07-22 10:23:13 Concerts throughout the summer in the auditorium of the new B3 in Liège There are events that directly arouse sympathy. With their resolutely open spirit and their desire to highlight local talent, summer concerts are part of that breed apart from events that seek more to bring culture to life than to line … Read more

“My Fiancé’s Tragic Death: The Story of Steven Marijsse’s Confession”

2023-05-19 10:56:00 “My fiancé is not moving anymore. He is lying on the ground. I poured water on him but he didn’t react. The call is dated February 28, 2020. It is 4 a.m. Behind the handset, Steven Marijsse, 46, is in a panic because the man lying on the ground is none other than … Read more

“The Controversial Moment: La Zarra’s Finger and Hasty Departure at Eurovision 2023”

2023-05-15 08:33:47 Between her finger and her hasty departure, La Zarra will have managed to make people talk about her during the Eurovision Song Contest. FTV/ capture Twitter Eurovision will have kept its promises. In addition to an exceptional show in Liverpool, we were treated to the traditional controversies. After the spectator who goes on … Read more