Shakespeare: The Trendsetter of Drama Fashion | Zhang Wei_Elf_Li Li_Tragedy

2023-07-15 11:48:00 Original Title: Shakespeare: The Trendsetter of Drama and Fashion | Zhang Wei Shakespeare (1564-1616) How Shakespeare became Shakespeare? Many scholars have explained it from different aspects, however, one aspect has been neglected. Shakespeare was keen on pursuing fashion in the trend of drama art, which made him a popular drama master, and then … Read more

Espa, eye-catching airport fashion Japan concert departure fashion topic

Money Today L’officiel = Reporter Park Young-bok | 2023.04.01 18:21 /Photo courtesy = MLB (MLB) Espa, the representative 4th generation girl group, captivated the fans by showing hip airport fashion with hats and jeans. Espa departed from Gimpo Airport on March 31st to hold the ‘2023 aespa 1st Concert ‘SYNK: HYPER LINE’ in JAPAN’ concert … Read more

Yonlook 9 LINE Sticker Award of the Year 64

LINE Announces 9 Sticker Awards of the Year at LINE STICKERS AWARDS 2021 Confident that every award is an inspiration to develop skills and create better works. leading to the elevation of Thai creators to the international level Ms. Thamradee Prapirunroj Senior Manager of Consumer Product & Business Development LINE Thailand said that LINE STICKERS … Read more

Today’s viral video | Better here he ran than here he died: lion climbs tree to escape herd of buffalo | Instagram | South Africa | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

The lion is popularly regarded as the “King of the jungleā€ for being the most feared of the animal kingdom; however, a video of Instagram He shows an attitude that is far from that of a monarch, because, seeing a herd of buffalo approaching him, he decides to escape by climbing a tree to save … Read more