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WhatsApp It is one of the applications that many use because it is so easy to make a call or create an animated sticker. Currently you can already hide the famous “online” and even leave a group without leaving a trace. However, some users have shown surprise when someone wrote the letter “F” to them. … Read more

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If you have a iPhone and you like to keep your photos safe, one feature you can’t stop using is iCloud Photos. With this feature, you will have the option to sync all your images on a Mac and other compatible Apple devices. Under this premise, you will no longer have to worry about passing … Read more

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WhatsApp It is still one of the most used applications in the world. Through it you can chat with anyone and even send photos, videos, GIFs. In recent days the tool to hide the famous “online” is being tested. However, some like to use WhatsApp Plus on their cell phones. Do you want to always … Read more

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WhatsApp keep bringing news. It is expected that by the end of the year you will not only be able to eliminate the famous “online”, but new emojis will be added in order to have better interaction with your friends. It is currently testing the Communities in some Latin American countries. However, when one of … Read more

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Are you one of the people who is using WhatsApp beta? The application is testing the Communities throughout Latin America, an option that allows you not only to chat with more than 512 people at the same time, but also to organize your groups. However, in WhatsApp The option to hide the “online” and even … Read more

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WhatsApp keep making changes to your mobile app. Currently you can already use the communities, a space where you have the possibility to chat with more than 512 people at the same time, it is even expected that you can also hide the “online”. However, like every month, Meta announces that some cell phones will … Read more