“Hidden Stitch” .. What are the backgrounds of Mikati’s “promise” to hold a cabinet session?!

home Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s visit yesterday to Baabda Palace brought a surprise by announcing an agreement with President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, to open an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives, and that he would invite the Council of Ministers to convene to receive the 2022 budget (within two days), which … Read more

After recording cases of influenza and Covid… “Health” is reassured: it is expected and not worrisome

The media office of the Ministry of Public Health issued a statement explaining that “recording cases of double infection, ie influenza virus and SARS-CoV2 virus, is expected and not worrisome. This is because double infections with respiratory viruses are normal and can occur.” The statement added that “in Lebanon, as in the rest of the … Read more

Talking about two presidents in Baabda is “a lie and a lack of literature”!

Ghada Halawi From behind his desk, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, reviews a set of papers that included the achievements of his reign. He enumerates them. He does not miss any incoming or outgoing matters unless he separates them in detail and says to those who accuse him of negligence, “search for … Read more

Exchange of information between Lebanon and Kuwait about the Captagon shipment

Youssef Diab Investigations into the case of seizing large quantities of Captagon in the port of Beirut intended to be smuggled into Kuwait are at the fore of the judicial and security authorities in Lebanon, and are still ongoing amid the availability of new information about network codes. A prominent judicial source revealed to “Al-Anbaa” … Read more

These people never get corona.. scientific evidence reveals

Despite the spread of the Corona virus mutants terribly around the world, thousands of people have not been infected with the virus. This issue has become intriguing, especially since the lack of infection for some is offset by the infection of many who received the vaccine twice, and even received booster doses of vaccination, according … Read more

Why worry about the serious injury Baumicron?

So far, available studies and information show that the new mutant of the Corona virus “Omicron” causes mild symptoms compared to the previous mutant of the virus. But severe infections with “Omicron” can be more severe than before, according to the British “Economist” magazine. The magazine said that the new mutation has a high capacity … Read more