The Pharma Academy is full of students with 100% recruitment

Eight innovative laboratories created with Pnrr resources, ready for October. One hundred and fifty new students arriving, in addition to the 120 already present. Of these, 30% come from outside the region, 37% are women, a figure above the average of those enrolled in STEM courses, 1/4 come from work-disadvantaged areas, 10% are students who have already graduated or are enrolled at university . An employment rate of 100%, even 95% before reaching the higher technical diploma.

Launched in July, the new Campus Pharma Academy, the result of the alliance between Farmindustria and the Its Academy Foundation for the New Technologies of Life (NTV) of Pomezia (Rome), has become a center of excellence, the first in Italy, for talent training for the pharmaceutical sector, from production to quality control up to digital healthcare. The complex has 100 beds for children and the proposed training model, which combines classroom lessons, laboratory activities and practical experiences co-designed between the Foundation, Farmindustria and companies, is also about to be exported to North Africa within the framework of the Mattei plan for education. All within the internationalization processes that the Foundation has already developed towards Canada, China and Kuwait.

All this will be discussed on Friday 19th, in the week dedicated to Made in Italy, at the “career open day” at Campus Pharma, a day dedicated to training and skills, in the presence of 15 schools (over 400 students), 25 companies, stakeholders, institutions, unions and territorial associations of Confindustria.

«Skills represent one of the main strategic assets today – underlined Marcello Cattani, president of Farmindustria -. We are experiencing a transition phase, even in health, and to continue to guarantee innovation for citizens and growth of the economy, a decisive step forward is needed to make the entire system more competitive. This is why we have been carrying out training and alternation projects for students for some time. Pharmaceutical companies are focusing with conviction on young people: +16% of under 35s in the last 5 years. Because we believe in a future in which Made in Italy, thanks to our excellent human resources, is still a protagonist in the world. And April 19th will go precisely in this direction.”

In the brand new Pnrr laboratories, the kids will acquire the necessary skills to operate in Secondary Manufacturing, Quality Operations, Supply Chain and biotechnology to train technicians also specialized in therapeutic customization. Among the innovations, the integration of artificial intelligence with quality control in the chemical and microbiological fields and small productions, where AI and learning machine applications will be tested. There will also be an area for training skills for working in sterile departments.

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2024-04-16 08:04:36

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