Very beautiful.. Who is the first Arab artist that Georgina Rodrigues follows on Instagram?

2023-06-18 13:15:46

The Egyptian star residing in Kuwait, Nour Al-Ghandour, has become the first Arab artist to be followed by Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, through her Instagram account.
Al-Ghandour’s name stands out among only 946 accounts followed by the girlfriend of Al-Nasr club striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, on Instagram, noting that the number of her followers is close to 50 million people.

Al-Ghandour and Rodriguez had never appeared in one photo, but some speculated that they had met on one occasion. It has also been noted that Al-Ghandour is following Georgina’s account on Instagram.
It is noteworthy that Georgina follows a number of Arab personalities, including the Saudi activist Maryam Saleh bin Laden, the beautician Maryam Ahmed, and the Moroccan-Spanish model Sarah Loynaz. (fuchsia)

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