Vlad Kadoni and Evgeny Kuzin spoke about the reunion of Buzova and Dava

2023-12-03 06:01:55

The possible reunion of Olga Buzova and David Manukyan continues to be actively discussed on the Internet. Former House 2 participant Evgeniy Kuzin, who now hosts his own program about show business news on social networks, could not ignore such a sensational story.

“The Dawabuziks are coming back,” asks Kuzin, who believes that the planned reunion of Olga and Dava was invented for the sake of New Year’s corporate parties and concerts for the purpose of enrichment. And there is no talk of any love, if it does not involve money, according to Kuzin.

Bile and poorly concealed envy can be palpably read in the statements of Evgeny Kuzin; they were the hallmarks of his jokes on the television project House 2. By the way, Zhenya reminds us in every episode that he has a son, Mitya, who will soon turn 14 years old. For some reason he is silent about his daughter from Sasha Artyomova.

A different interpretation of the news about Dava’s possible return to Buzova was presented by Vlad Kadoni, who would be glad if the ex-hosts of House 2 actually resumed their relationship. After all, he had the opportunity to work with both David Manukyan and Olga Buzova. At the same time, Vlad is still waiting for an apology from Buzova, but it’s unlikely that he will?

Whose point of view is closer to you, Vlad Kadoni or Evgeniy Kuzin?

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