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“We must raise awareness to consume responsibly”

by archyde
– If we had to sum up the activity of Foodeals in a few words…

– It is a “foodwaste management system”. Foodeals is a web and mobile application that connects all stakeholders with the aim of reducing food waste and transforming lost revenue into opportunity. Today, the start-up has a noble mission with a multidimensional impact: social, economic and environmental. In concrete terms, the platform connects the generators of waste, which are generally manufacturers, large retailers, distributors, cafes, hotels and restaurants, in addition to caterers and pastries.

These partners are connected with end customers so that they can sell them products whose expiry date is approaching or products whose packaging is faulty. This allows, on the one hand, the improvement of purchasing power and increases the average basket of each customer. On the other hand, it makes it easier for professionals.

Instead of destroying the targeted products, they are sold at cheaper prices. The idea is to recover a small value, or at least recover the purchase price.

– What other solutions do you see to reduce waste in the future?

– There are several sectors of activity that generate a lot of waste such as canteens, caterers, households. You should know that the first generator of food waste is each household. We have a bad management of our shopping and the products put in the cupboard of our kitchens. I am thinking of another solution to connect individuals. At the same time, the population must first assimilate the negative impact of food waste on the economy and on the environment as well as other social effects.

– Regarding educational communication, do you have any ideas about the tools that could be put in place?

– This is a crucial point that will raise awareness to consume responsibly. We must go to the bottom: youth, schools, clubs, homes… Generally, this project must be carried out by a ministry or a set of ministries, through competent establishments, capable of establishing an institutional communication strategy. to popularize the concept. It’s time to think corporate.

– More broadly, to what extent could the laws be improved to go in the direction of the fight against food waste?

– Today, there is no law prohibiting professionals from throwing away or destroying food, as is the case in many countries. We don’t have laws against food waste or that encourage companies to go corporate. Several countries in Europe and the United States have made tax credits available to professionals. From there appears the role of Foodeals and other platforms in intermediation between associations, citizens and companies. The state must play its role by working on legislation that will boost the food waste ecosystem.

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