Weather Forecast: Hot and Stormy Week Ahead, Cooling Down by Midweek

2023-09-08 16:55:00

Our weather has depended for several days on an anticyclone which is currently centered on the border between Europe and Russia.

This system continues to send us very dry and very hot continental air coming from the Alps and northern Italy where daytime temperatures flirt with or even exceed the 30° mark.

During this time we also have a small depression located in the northwest of Portugal and which is causing thunderstorms in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and the west of Brittany.

This depression will deepen on Sunday and Monday towards Norway and a secondary core will develop over France and move up towards the Benelux bringing a stormy trend which will intensify here at the start of next week.

This week-end

The very sunny and very hot weather will therefore persist with maximum temperatures which should reach values ​​of between 27° at the sea and in the high Fagnes on Saturday afternoon and 30 to 32° in the plains and in the Ardennes valleys.

It is expected that Sunday will be the hottest day of this heatwave period with 28 to 32° in the upper Ardennes as well as on the coast and 32 to 34° in the other regions.

The nights will still be relatively suffocating in the plains and on the coast with minimums remaining between 18 and 21º. You will have to go south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow to “enjoy” a certain coolness with minimums between 9 and 15° in the valleys and 15 to 18° on the high plateaus.


The weather will become increasingly heavy with the appearance of a few clouds in the sky. It will already be a little cooler at the sea with temperatures around 24°; on the other hand it will still be very hot in the interior of the country with maximums between 27 and 31º.

Heat storms will develop locally at the end of the day and may persist in the form of showers the following night.


The low over Norway will organize a cooler northwesterly flow over the British Isles behind a cold front that will cross the country from west to east during the day.

The day will therefore be very unsettled under cloudy or variable skies and fairly frequent showers or storms which can also be locally strong.

We will lose around 6° compared to the day before with maximums stuck between 20 and 25°.

Strong wind gusts and hail will be possible under the strongest thunderstorms.


The cold front will have left the country and will be followed by a maritime flow coming from the North Sea but which will be favorably influenced by an anticyclonic core which will form in the north of the British Isles.

In the morning there will initially still be quite a bit of rain or showers south of the Sambre et Meuse furrow but the weather will clear up elsewhere.

It will also be a little cooler and even quite cool with temperatures between 16 and 19° in the Ardennes terrain and between 19 and 23° elsewhere.

From Thursday to next Saturday

The new anticyclonic core will move southeast towards Germany and Poland which will gradually improve atmospheric conditions with few or no showers under a changing sky graced with improvements.

It will be mild for the season with daytime temperatures rising between 19 and 25°.

Evolution for the period between September 17 and 23

A new change in weather will come to our regions, becoming more disturbed with precipitation almost every day and sometimes even quite a bit of wind, and temperatures returning to between 14 and 17° in the Ardennes and between 17 and 21° in plain and sea.

Probable trend from September 25 to October 1

After the disrupted parenthesis, it seems that the high anticyclonic pressures will rise again over Western Europe with the resumption of good weather, still quite warm for the season.

This development, however, presents limited reliability.

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