WhatsApp develops a new feature that allows users to hide their online status-ePrice.HK

At present, WhatsApp allows users to set the display object of the last online time. Users can choose to show it to everyone, all contacts, some contacts or not at all. According to the latest findings of the website WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows users to set Display object for online status.

Improve user privacy

The last online time refers to the last time the user used WhatsApp, and the online status shows whether the user is using WhatsApp. The online status display under development will be placed at the bottom of the last online time setting page, providing everyone can see whether the user is online, or the same setting as the last online time.

Feature rollout date to be determined

The online status setting under development can further protect user privacy. As long as it is set properly, the party sending the message will never know whether the user’s message has been read. At this stage, it is unknown when the new features will be open to beta users for testing, and it is also uncertain whether they will be officially launched in the end.


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