Witness .. Emir of Asir ends a dispute between the sheikh of the “Al Qir” tribe and a citizen that lasted for nearly 15 years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The governor of the Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal, ended a dispute between the sheikh of the Al-Qir tribe, Sheikh Muhammad bin Muqeet, and another citizen from the heights of the province, which lasted for nearly 15 years.

This came during Prince Turki’s visit to the Tathleeth Governorate, east of Asir, where the governor of the region met with the sheikhs of the Asir tribes during their periodic meeting to discuss the development and improvement of the work of the reform committees, in line with the directives of the main committee in the emirate.

He also met the people of the province and listened to their requirements, while discussing the services provided in the presence of officials of the service agencies.

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