???? Blue dollar today: how much is it trading for this Thursday, June 9

The blue dollar starts this Thursday June 9th at $205 for the purchase and $208 for sale In Buenos Aires city. In the week, she accumulates an increase of 3 pesos.

A) Yes, the gap with the wholesaler, which is quoted at $121.63, stands at 71.73%.

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The blue dollar is consolidates as the lowest price of the market, even below the official dollar, and continues far from the maximum price of 2022which was seen at the end of January, when it briefly traded above $223. The price had begun to decompress after the announcement of the understanding with the IMF.

The price of the blue dollar in the last 30 days

So far in June, the blue shows ups and downs.

Meanwhile, in mayothe price of the blue dollar added $6.50 and hit a peak of $208 -the same level at which it had closed 2021- after the publication of the April inflation data. He then went back and ended the month at $207.

From end to end of April, the blue dollar rose just 50 cents (0.25%). However, it marked lows of $195 and highs of $212.50 in a month characterized by exchange rate volatility.

In March, the price was down $11, after gaining $2 in February and $5 in the first month of the year.

The price of the blue dollar in 2021

A Throughout 2021, it added $42 or 25.3%well below inflation for the same period, which accumulated 50.9%.

The blue dollar deflated during the first quarter of 2021: it started the year at $165, but at the beginning of April it touched the floor of $139.

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On June 24, it broke the ceiling of $170 again. At the end of July, he went through another: the $180. Except for brief intervals, the rest of the year remained above these levels.

In August, the blue price remained relatively calm and moved between $178 and $183. In the days before the legislative PASO elections on September 12, the price climbed again and reached $186.50. It remained around that value until the first weeks of October.

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Towards the end of October, the blue dollar returned to touch its maximum nominal value, of $195, and days before the November elections it marked $207. During the first weeks of December, the price spiked to $195.50. However, it picked up momentum over the end of the year, when it briefly traded at $210, to close 2021 at $208.

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