10 Benefits of a Healthy Digestive Journey

People with crowded teeth, or those with varying spaces between them, suffer from indigestion. The journey of digesting food starts from the mouth. Maintaining dental health is not only an aesthetic matter; Rather, it is a healthy necessity for a proper nutrition of the body, and here orthodontics in many cases becomes a necessity to benefit from the food that a person eats. .

Mechanical and chemical digestion begins in the mouth with chewing food and secretion of saliva that begins the digestion of carbohydrates, and in the stomach acids and enzymes are secreted to break down food into its nutritional components.

Orthodontics, orthodontics, or restorative dentistry, is the treatment of problems related to oral health and the reconstruction of the mouth to its proper aesthetic and functional state.

Dentists are committed to their functional and human duty to help the patient achieve a healthy smile for life, through a comprehensive approach to oral health.

Good dental and gum care is an important part of maintaining overall health; Poor oral health is closely related to major chronic diseases, because the body does not benefit from food through weak or no chewing, when the teeth have many problems that need straightening, and constant care.

There are 10 benefits of orthodontics to start a healthy digestion journey, which are:

1- Restoring the teeth, and starting their treatment using braces, provides the opportunity to start eating to benefit from the chewing process; Where food turns from solid materials, to softer ones, with saliva converting starchy materials into easily digestible sugars.

2- Dental experts, including doctors and specialists, work to prepare the mouth to exercise its functional mission to start a healthy digestion journey that helps build the body, especially in children.

3- The benefits are not only in improving job functions; Rather, it also gives a person a degree of confidence when evaluating others, especially when starting a new business trip; As the attention to the teeth is indicative of full care of the body, and attention to details, which gives the person the confidence of others.

4- The journey of digestion that starts from the mouth needs a lot of care, and the appropriate choice of orthodontic, by looking at the experiences of others and the treatment journey, and informing the doctor of his patient regarding the stages of treatment, and alerting him to the warnings and what is permitted, so that the journey of calendar and dental treatment is successful, so that the person begins to enjoy with the food he eats, to maintain his health.

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5- Digestion begins in the mouth with the secretion of saliva and its digestive enzymes; Where food is formed in swallowing through mechanical chewing, and it is swallowed in the esophagus, from where it enters the stomach, and to pass this stage, a person needs a healthy mouth, both in terms of attention to the cleanliness of the gums and teeth, as well as the treatment of teeth that need replacement, or orthodontics, Oral, filling, orthodontic, etc. Oral health care methods.

6- Orthodontics, and their treatment in general, prevents food from going directly into the stomach, and food may go to the lungs, which sometimes causes a case of suffocation, and complications may occur for that.

7- The mouth is the first laboratory that classifies and distinguishes food, so that it can determine how the stomach alerts its digestion, and saliva helps facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates, and this process requires healthy teeth, capable of chewing, so, oral health care was Correcting it is a necessity, not a luxury.

8- The treatment journey begins with the decision to go to the dental health center that is geographically closest to the place of residence, so that the follow-up is done well, and closely.

9- Enjoying good health, which requires little effort, and attention to periodically reviewing the dentist to check on safety, and to maintain a good digestion journey of food, certainly with drinking water.

10- Proper digestion, followed by the body’s need to exercise and maintain a consistent body, which increases the person’s self-confidence and opens up practical prospects for him; The white, healthy teeth give a person the confidence of others from the first impression.

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