$200 The Making of Assassin’s Creed Book Announced

If you’re a really big Assassin’s Creed fan and have been looking for the next luxury collector’s item to add to your collection, then Dark Horse might have just the thing for you.

Called The Making of Assassin’s Creed: 15th Anniversary Ultimate Edition, the hardcover book explores how the first game in the series came to be, with 240 pages devoted to creating the title.

The book’s product description states that this will“Gives” an insider look at the efforts to create one of the video game industry’s biggest franchises”.

The book will also be adorned with gold-gilt pages and ribbon markers, and will be wrapped in folios containing other items, including a pair of lithographs, a gold leaf-stamped clamshell box with metal art plates, and a double-sided gold coin, It has the Brotherhood’s crest and the Apple of Eden on the sides.

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As you’d expect with so much gold baked into the collection, this item won’t come cheap, retailing for $199.99, and it’ll even be a limited item, with only 1,000 made.

The Making of Assassin’s Creed: 15th Anniversary Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-orderopenbut no release date is explicitly mentioned.

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