3% drop in cryptocurrency prices.. Know the price of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency prices fell on Wednesday, with their market value dropping 3.02% to $903.64 billion, compared to more than $3 trillion in November, according to CoinMarketCap data. The price of Bitcoin declined, by 3.36% to reach $ 20116.87, and its market value decreased to $ 383.82 billion, compared to about $ 401 billion, on Tuesday. The price of the Ethereum currency declined by 5.01%, recording $1132.23, while the price of the Ripple currency declined by 3.62%, to record $0.3345. The Cardano coin lost 3.64% of its price to reach $0.4674, and the price of Binance Coin fell by 6.67% to reach $219.90.

Polkadot price fell by 6.32% to reach $7.19, and Dogecoin price fell by 8.12% to reach levels of $0.06543. About 300 million people own cryptocurrency by the end of 2021, according to statistics from the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com.

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