a key period for the advertising industry in Morocco

Par Zahira Bechari

Ramadan is always marked by a strong increase in religious and social activities. This is a period when consumer trends and habits are changing considerably, leading to strong competition among merchants who are strengthening the means of communication for more visibility on their products. As such, the war is also raging at the level of the media where everyone expects to get a good deal in a context where the market is becoming scarcer and more and more complex.

For advertisers, the month of Ramadan is a godsend. It’s the perfect opportunity to air their spots while all the family members are around the table to break the fast. And, that’s why many companies are looking to capitalize on this time by offering special offers and promotions. Indeed, according to a study conducted by the communication agency Digital Premium in 2020, the month of Ramadan represents around 20% of annual expenditure in Morocco, which makes it a crucial period for advertisers seeking to reach more consumers. Nevertheless, a slight drop was observed in terms of investments during the first days of the month, corresponding to the period from March 23 to April 1, 2023. The first figures revealed by the company Imperium during the holy month bear witness to this. . According to the source, these amounted, in gross, to more than 394 million DH, a decrease of 3.2% compared to the previous year. Imperium further demonstrates that television, which has the largest market share with 56.4%, recorded a decline of 13.6% during this period. On the other hand, display saw a slight increase of 0.2%, with a market share of 19%, followed by radio which recorded a growth of 13.7% and represents 12.5% ​​of market share. . Digital also posted growth of 9.1%, with a market share of 6.1%. For its part, the press experienced a strong increase of 139.4%, representing 6% of market share.

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The sectors investing the most in during the first ten days of Ramadan were Food (+6.2%, compared to a growth of 36% in 2022), followed by Telecommunications (-12.4 % compared to a growth of 6% in 2022), Banks & Insurance (-16.3%, compared to a fall of 42% in 2022), Beverages (+23.5%, compared to a fall of 4 % in 2022) and construction (-21.7%, compared to growth of 5% in 2022). Although the sectors of Distribution (+48%), Travel/Tourism (+89%), Information/Media (+70.7%), Culture/Leisure (+162%) and ‘Energy (+116%) also significantly increased their investments compared to the previous year, they were placed behind the top five sectors in terms of the amount invested.

In short, despite the decline in the value of budgets, the presence of advertisers during this Ramadan period has increased compared to 2022. They once more affirmed that the holy month remains a key period for the industry in Morocco. This market during this month remains a major challenge for advertisers seeking to reach more consumers in order to promote their respective brands and products. However, the latter will therefore have to be careful and adapt to these new challenges to succeed in reaching their target audience during the holy month.

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