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A new discovery has been made by scientists to deal with cancer. It is actually some British oncologists who have discovered the effectiveness of a two-pronged treatment against this disease. The treatment consists of the combination of immunotherapy with guadecitabine. This option would have allowed some patients who would have visibly exhausted all remedies to survive the cancer. The results of the trial which are published in the scientific journal Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancerindicate that the combination of pembrolizumab, an immunotherapy drug, and guadecitabine, a next-generation DNA hypomethylating agent, halted cancer progression in more than a third of patients enrolled in the test.

Several types of cancer

This remark thus allows researchers from the Cancer Research Institute and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation to declare that the double combination could become a new effective weapon against several forms of cancer. The patients who participated in this experiment suffered from all types of cancer. These are people who have suffered from lung, breast, prostate and bowel cancer. For the scientist, it is a great joy to note that the methods used during this research have made it possible to have positive impacts which could continue to influence the evil that cancer represents in our society.

Several research methods

“I think one of the most important things about this trial is that we used several different methods to look for changes in the immune system, showing robustly that it was influenced by the combination treatment”declared for his part the person in charge of the research in the person of the professor Johann de Bono. “In the long term, we hope that if these effects are confirmed in other patient groups and in future studies, guadecitabine and pembrolizumab could help combat some of the resistance to immunotherapy that we are seeing in many too many types of cancer”he continued.

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