A number of Asian-American congressmen in the United States expressed their active support for gun control in the Texas shooting case | Twitter | Republican |

Original title: Several Asian-American congressmen in the United States expressed active support for gun control over the Texas shooting

China News Service, May 26th. The American Overseas Chinese News reported that a serious shooting occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on the 24th, killing 21 teachers and students. Several Asian-American congressmen in the United States expressed their views on the matter online.

Several prominent U.S. congressional Democrats took to Twitter to accuse Republicans of blocking what they called “common sense” gun safety legislation and urged lawmakers to take immediate action to pass more regulations, Yahoo News reported.

Democratic Rep. Andy Kim tweeted: “It’s horrific to be attacked on such a small scale by a Texas elementary school. I have kids myself and can only imagine the pain those families are going through. Those People who benefit from the status quo hope our anger will evaporate in a few days. Let us prove them wrong. We should be doing daily legislation on universal background checks, assault weapons bans, Charleston loopholes, and red flag laws Vote until Congress finally passes it.”

Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, also tweeted: “Almost 10 years after Sandy Hook, our children are still getting shot in schools. Republicans What do people need to do to help us end this nightmare?”

In another tweet to her “Republican colleagues,” she asked: “What is more important to you? Your political power or your humanity?”

Andy and Hirono both mentioned that the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun rights groups spend millions each election cycle funding the campaigns of Republican candidates to ensure they vote against gun safety laws.

Gun rights advocates have spent $144 million on lobbying since 2013, with $15.8 million in 2021 alone. That’s in stark contrast to gun control groups spending $2.9 million to perfect more safety laws and regulations in 2021.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Illinois, tweeted that mass shootings are “every parent’s nightmare,” adding that she was “broken for these families and shameless to Republicans.” outraged that no action is taken to save the lives of innocent children.”

In a second tweet, she wrote: “We know that if we do nothing, attack after attack will happen. We know who is blocking our actions.” She urged the Senate “to ask the American people for a long time.” common-sense gun safety reforms to vote.”

And Asian-American Republican lawmakers mostly did not mention gun law reform, although many prayed and mourned for the tragedy.

Republican Rep. Young Kim tweeted: “As a mother and grandmother, I am so disappointed to hear this tragic news in a Texas school. No place to study or worship. No one should feel unsafe. I will learn more about the case and my thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones and the Yuvaldi community.”

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