A young interpreter of Charlo at La Voix

After the recent successes of Olivier Bergeron, who came a hair’s breadth from the grand finale of Star Académie a few months ago, another young artist has given himself the mission of making Restigouche and Acadie vibrate. in full over the next few weeks.

Nathaël Young, 18, from the Charlo area, broke through the roster for the 9th season of the popular show La Voix on Sunday. And it was not one, but the four judges who were seduced by the young man and who turned around during his blind audition. Corneille was the first to do so, followed by Marjo and Marc Dupré. Mario Pelchat thought a little longer than his friends, but he mightn’t resist either.

This tour de force, Nathaël succeeded with his interpretation of the piece Break My Heart Again by the artist FINNEAS.

The four judges had particularly positive comments towards Nathaël, making the choice of his mentor all the more difficult.

“We always hope that at least one judge will turn, but four is crazy. I will surely not complain regarding it, especially not with all the good words they had for me, ”he confided to Acadie Nouvelle the day following the broadcast of the program.

Finally, he opted for Marjo’s team. Why Marjo?

“From the start, I said to myself that if she turned around, she was the one I would choose. I find that we connect well together, both personally and musically. We really have a resemblance, a bond. And when she told me on stage that she and I were a lot alike, she came looking for me. That’s exactly what I needed to hear,” he says.

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He has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with her since he selected her. His first impressions?

“He’s a heart, a real good coach, and definitely one of the craziest people I’ve ever met. She is authentic, it’s like my second mother, ”he says, confirming that he does not regret his choice.

For the rest, Nathaël still has difficulty realizing what is happening to him.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to get to where I am. I still have to pinch myself when I wake up in the morning so much it looks like a dream,” says the young man.

Nathaël Young during his performance which earned him a place in Marjo’s team. – Photo: Bertrand Exertier/The Voice

Who is Nathael?

“I’m mad, mad, mad!”

This is the answer given by the young artist when asked to describe himself in three words by the La Voix team.

A former student of the Dalhousie Aux Quatre Vents school, he put his studies on hold to fully live his passion and see how far the La Voix adventure would take him. Because his first contact with the organization dates back several months.

As there were no auditions in New Brunswick, he participated in the so-called “last chance” ones in Montreal in June 2022. The young man learned of his summons for the blind auditions a few weeks later. Knowing that he was lucky to be selected, he did not want to invest in studies.

It should be noted that the young man had also done the last Star Academy auditions. He had done well, finishing in the top 60. Sunday was the first time he had seen his selection since filming.

“Reliving this moment made me go back full of emotions. And it was so weird to see me like that on TV. I watched all the La Voix and the Star Académie, and there to live it in my turn, it’s just wow, ”he says.

Now, he has every intention of imitating his Acadian colleague Josiane Comeau (from Dieppe), who won top honors in the previous edition of La Voix in 2020.

Apparition surprise

Nathaël is not the only one to have impressed at La Voix on Sunday. Annick Caissie, the latter’s mother, was friendly called “the most vocal mother” in the history of the show by the host, Charles Lafortune. Invited on stage with her son, she was also given a microphone to get a taste of the La Voix experience. With her son, she was also able to push a few notes.

“I should have known something was up with all the cameras pointed at me and the lady who kept giving me water, but I was just too proud to see my boy on stage to notice all these details instantly. It was wonderful to experience this with him, and also to see him once more on Sunday. It’s a beautiful moment for both of us which will remain etched in our memories forever… and which we were able to share with hundreds of thousands of spectators, ”she says.

The day following the broadcast of the show, she was over the moon.

“I mightn’t hold it in place because what was happening was incredible. I have no words to express what it did to my little mother’s heart, ”says Ms. Caissie.

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