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2023-08-12 19:30:00

Sunday Aug 13, 2023

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM> Entertainment programs on Aakashvani are being cut and are being turned into prime propagandists for Modi and the central government. This is part of the complete shift of official media under Prasar Bharati to ‘Campaign Modi’. The Center has issued instructions for this. In effect, Aakashvani’s next task will be to set the BJP’s election agenda. It will be done by imposing the Delhi program on non-Hindi stations with the emphasis of ‘One India, One Radio’. Part of this was the discontinuation of the profitable and popular Ananthapuri and Kochi FMs. The official explanation is that this is part of the merger of existing major stations into FM as medium wave technology has become obsolete. At present, the central official campaign program and the live broadcast of Modi’s speeches have been made mandatory. A program officer of Aakashvani said that the hour-long live will be announced soon after the local program is finished recording and the schedule is announced. Apart from Monkey Bath, Plans for Jananma, G20 – Essence of India etc., there are new Hindi programs and Live. Many local programs are not broadcast. Late night kathakalipadas and science concerts are held non-stop. While no one is opposed to much-needed national programming, listeners resent the elimination of local stations and the imposition of Hindi programming. Read on deshabhimani.com

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