About 325 exhibitors show production technology at TechniShow

2023-12-06 23:23:00

About 325 exhibitors have registered for the TechniShow 2024. In addition to the Automatiseringplein and the Additive Manufacturing theme square, there will be a Career Street at the fair.

As usual, the entire Benelux manufacturing industry will come together in mid-March next year during TechniShow, the trade fair for innovative industrial production technology. With the theme ‘The Manufacturing Industry of Tomorrow’, around 325 exhibitors will show their innovations, new techniques and solutions. TechniShow takes place simultaneously with the ESEF Maakindustrie trade fair.

Guided Tours and Theme Squares AM and Production Automation

Additive Manufacturing theme square

A number of themes will receive extra attention in the coming edition. First of all, that is Additive Manufacturing. The entire 3D process is central at Theme Square AM, from the hardware and materials to solutions for post-processing and the software to control and manage the 3D printing process. A Guided Tour will also take place several times during the trade fair week for visitors, during which they will see the highlights in the field of 3D printing at the fair in a short time.

Production automation second theme square

The other main theme is production automation. Ricardo Vivas, trade fair manager TechniShow: “Visitors who are interested in developments in automation, digitalization and smart industry can visit the Automatiseringsplein.” Guided Tours for visitors will also take place around this theme.

Ricardo Vivas, trade fair manager TechniShow: unique opportunity for professionals to meet each other

Recruiting and retaining staff

In addition, the fair pays special attention to the theme of recruiting and retaining talent, a current theme in the manufacturing industry. There will be a Loopbaanstraat at the fair. Also new is the special Start-up street where visitors discover the pioneers of the future. “The upcoming edition promises to be a unique opportunity for professionals to meet each other, exchange ideas and discover the latest developments in the manufacturing industry,” says Ricardo Vivas.

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ESEF Manufacturing Industry

The TechniShow takes place simultaneously with the ESEF Manufacturing Industry, where the suppliers are located. This gives the visitor the opportunity to see the latest technological manufacturing solutions at the same time as the suppliers for outsourcing production. “ESEF Manufacturing is the stage where business, research, education and government meet for demonstrations, innovations and networking moments. Visitors are therefore very welcome to visit both trade fairs in order to achieve a perfect combination of ‘make and buy’ solutions,” concludes Ricardo Vivas.

Technishow and ESEF Maakindustrie will take place from March 12 to 15, 2024 in Koninklijke Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. You can register here.

Photo: TechniShow 2024 will once again be the platform for the manufacturing industry in the Benelux that it has been since 1951 (photo MichielTon.com)

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