Academic Basketball ︱ Men’s Basketball Finals of Elite Tournament Suspected Misuse Bo Yinghua Asked for an Account from the Academic Experience (16:37) – 20230207 – Sports – Instant News

The IG account “yingwa_basketball_2022” stated in the post: “On February 5th, the final of the Yinghua St. Joseph Classic, the number 7 wave (29.5) was used to warm up in both the side field and the home field, but the number 6 wave was used in the game. (28.5), at the beginning of the second quarter, a player obviously felt that the game ball was inconsistent with the warm-up ball, and immediately pointed out and reflected the problem to the Yinghua assistant coach, and then the player went off the field again to check that the game ball was indeed 6 In the third and fourth quarters of the game, the player still reported to the ball card, but the ball card said at the time: “Today is using this wave, and there is no change.” The assistant coach Yinghua also reported to the ball card again, but The ball certificate still indicates that the game will continue.”

In the “2022-2023 NIKE Hong Kong Schools Elite Basketball Competition Participating School Notes” on the website of the Academy Association, point 9 mentions that “Nike basketball will be used as the game ball, the men’s ball is 7, and the women’s ball is 6”, but The IG account uploaded a video. In the video, it can be seen that Yinghua player Wu Weijun communicated with the ball card with the game ball, but the ball card took the game ball, slapped it twice and handed it to the main ball card to signal the game to continue. “yingwa_basketball_2022” emphasized that it was disappointed with the practice of ball certificates, and hoped to get a clear explanation from the academy.

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