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2023-12-09 23:00:08

In Mexico, Christmas is, at its best, a syncretism of Mexican customs, influences from U.S. traditions, and indigenous customs. The Aztecs managed to foist parts of their own tradition on the Spanish missionaries. The festivals surrounding the arrival of the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli were later celebrated simply in honor of Joseph and Mary.

Posadas, a kind of entertaining Advent coffee drink, are inseparable from Christmas in Mexico. The search for a hostel is recreated. The highlight is smashing the piñatas. These are colorful papier-mâché structures filled with sweets, fruit and nuts. The piñata hangs on a rope from the ceiling, children and adults hit it with a stick and blindfolded until it breaks. Then the children fight over the sweets in a very un-Christmassy way. The most important day in Mexico is Christmas Eve. The family meets there for a big dinner. It’s a happy get-together with lots of food, drink, music and dancing. Traditionally, the children are given useful things such as shoes on that day; the real gifts are not given until January 6th.

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