After Hannelore’s death, Heino postpones concert dates

2023-11-16 13:02:11

After the death of his wife Hannelore, Heino (84) thanked him for his great sympathy. Heino’s manager Helmut Werner told the German Press Agency on Thursday that he had received hundreds, if not thousands, of messages of sympathy. The singer is interrupting his current tour until November 24th.

“Heino is in great sadness and misses his Hannelore every moment. But he would like to let you know that the many warm messages are reaching him and that he is very touched by the kind lines you sent him!”, it said on Thursday on the website of the musician.

The singer and actress Hannelore Kramm was the woman at Heino’s side for more than four decades. The Austrian died a week ago, on November 8th, at the age of 82 in Kitzbühel. Heino and Hannelore married in 1979 and were considered the dream couple of German folk music for many years.

Hannelore was buried on Wednesday in the cemetery in Kitzbühel among her closest friends and family. Werner reported that Heino placed 44 red roses on Hannelore’s grave, one for each year of marriage. “Heino was able to say goodbye quietly.”

The manager announced that Heino’s church tour, which was originally supposed to continue this weekend, would take place: “Heino continues to sing.” However, the first concerts would be postponed. The tour will resume on November 24th in Dresden. From December it will also take him to Austria. “The tour in the churches was Hannelore’s idea. This tour will take place in memory of Hannelore,” said Werner. “Heino needs his fans more than ever.”

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