After his death was announced in a clash with the army… a Lebanese youth personally enters the funeral hall!


One of the raids carried out by the army in the outskirts of Hermel yesterday revealed the secret of a new body that has not yet been revealed. In the details, a force of the army raided the house of the wanted M. Nasser al-Din in al-Nana’a locality in the outskirts of Hermel, who became famous after he lured the Syrian Hassan al-Ghanash, accused of participating in the murder of the four women in Ansar, and handed him over to the security forces. The force came back empty-handed, but was surprised by two people driving a stolen Kia. The two robbers opened fire at the patrol, which responded in kind, killing one of them and wounding the other. While the wounded man was taken to a hospital in the area for treatment, the identity of the dead man was found in the pocket of the Lebanese, Muhammad Saqr (22 years), who resides in the town of Samaqiyat in the Qusair countryside.
According to security sources, the Nasser al-Din family was responsible for informing the family of the dead man, residing in Syrian territory, and burying them on the Lebanese side in the Shaqhouna neighborhood in Mansoura al-Hermel, without his family being able to bid him farewell. This is by virtue of their knowledge of the Saqr family before they moved to live in Al-Qusayr. But hours after the news of his death spread, the mourners were surprised when the dead man entered them personally. It turns out that Saqr is still alive. Who is the real murderer?
According to a security source, the army opened an investigation into the circumstances of “the mistake that occurred and the circumstances of the dead man’s possession of Saqr’s identity.” As for the corpse, it is awaiting a signal from the judiciary to exhume the grave and confirm its identity. Wide criticism was raised about the army’s agreement to hand over the body and to communicate with the Internal Security Forces in Hermel to confirm its identity. The error also revealed the possibility of using Saqer’s identity and impersonating him in the implementation of several crimes, not the least of which is car theft in the Hermel hills. In addition, it is necessary to investigate Saqr himself.”

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