Again Russian attacks with kamikaze drones on Odessa

2023-08-13 23:36:43

According to the Ukrainian air force, Russia again attacked the southern Ukrainian region of Odessa on the Black Sea on Monday night with kamikaze drones. The air defense in the region and over the port city of the same name had been activated, the news portal “Ukrajinska Pravda” reported early Monday morning, citing the air force and the regional military administration. Several explosions were heard in Odessa.

After Russia announced the end of the agreement on shipping Ukrainian grain in July, the Ukrainian Black Sea ports around Odessa have been targeted. The port facilities and the city itself have been shot at several times since then.

The Ukrainian offensive is also not going as well as hoped. According to Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, the Russian defense lines are so densely mined that there are up to five mines per square meter in some parts of the front.

In a conversation with the British “Guardian” published on Sunday, he spoke of millions of explosive devices along the front. There are minefields stretching over hundreds of kilometers. This is a serious obstacle to the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian troops.

According to the Guardian, Reznikov was convinced that the huge minefields could be conquered by Ukrainian troops. However, he stressed that it was vitally important that allies expand and accelerate the training already offered by some nations to Ukraine’s deminers.

Ukraine has been defending itself against Russian war of aggression for more than 17 months. In the current counter-offensive, the Ukrainians are encountering minefields, anti-tank ditches and other obstacles, as well as Russian defenses in layers.

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