Alien women attack people in New York subway

Six women dressed in neon green suits, pretending to be aliens, They went viral by attacking users of the New York Subway while they were traveling.

The events occurred in the line Nin the early hours of Sunday, October 2near Times Square en Manhattan. The video shows the moment when the six “extraterrestrial women” attack with blows and kicks a group of young people who were around 19 years old; The images went viral through the web portal of “Reddit”.

According to various media reports, one of the victims had a birthday that dayso the group of female aggressors he dedicated himself to beating her in the car in which she was traveling.

Users who shared space with those involved only limited themselves to watching or, in their case, recording the aggression. According to the Daily Newsthe mothers of the young women stole the bags and cell phones of the victims.

“Aliens attacked her”

one of the mothers told the American newspaper, referring to the attire of the group of aggressors

The New York Police Departmentopened an investigation folder to be able to find the female aggressors and to be able to proceed with the facts that were recorded.

Shocking manhunt ends with $20,000 stolen in New York

A shocking persecution was recorded this Saturday in New York after a Mercedes Benz black color will corner a brand truck Toyota to rob him 20 thousand dollars cash.

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In a video that quickly went viral on social networks, vehicles are seen circulating in the opposite direction on an avenue in the barrio Upper East Sidein Manhattan.

According to local media, this fact was confirmed by the nypdwhich also reported that the men who were traveling in the Mercedes left the vehicle after carrying out the robbery.

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