An evil customized that’s not abandoning India – World

India is a society with historic customs and traditions. Probably the most abominable practices are nonetheless occurring throughout the nation. Someplace there’s a tribe wherein prostitution is completely authorized and fathers, brothers, sons all play their half in promoting the honour of a lady.

In lots of areas, respect for girls is nominal. There are additionally tribal communities that think about sister marriage as permissible. In Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand there’s additionally a group known as Hatti, wherein three or 4 brothers share one lady as a spouse. A lady is married to 1 man, however all her brothers deal with her as a spouse.

Why do individuals of the Hittite group do that? Man invents two varieties of justifications to justify any evil ritual. The identical is the case with the Hatti group. One of many causes is that poverty is excessive within the areas the place this group lives. To avoid wasting the agricultural land left by the daddy from being divided, all of the brothers collectively preserve a lady in the home and he or she bears youngsters for them.

The Maha Bharata mentions Draupadi who ready the 5 Pandava brothers to battle the Kauravas. The individuals of the Hatti tribe are additionally followers of Draupadi. They are saying that the Pandavas lived for a while within the areas the place the Hittites are discovered at the moment.